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2 Northmen live their dream!


62er = Free Biker

I had the idea to organize a free meeting on neutral ground, where everyone can celebrate together in harmony, and the motorcycle - as the core of all our hobby - in the center of attention.


"Thanks to Hartwig (Hardy) Friedt from Tellingstedt, WE have a great thing that makes the VR so special!"

TRIUMPH  -  Rocket III Touring


62er = Free Biker

I had the idea to make my company site available & help Wicky where my time permits.


"Thanks to Wicky, WE have a great advertising and many contacts that make the VR nationwide, and sometimes internationally known!"

MOTO GUZZI - 850 TS Custom

For us with a family, it's not easy to set up an event of this size without equity. But our passion for the biker scene is driving us forward, not giving up wanting to offer you a unique weekend.


With all the impressions and conversations within the scene, it is not always easy to keep an eye on the core of the event - the actual MOTORCYCLE MEETING. It will not be a shopping mile nor a music festival, but a healthy mix of everything.


You can not find mainstream here!

Give us a chance.


Thank you!

Wicky & Hardy


The viking-rally, the free motorcycle meeting between the seas!




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