Special features should be rewarded!

Standard we do not know, not even at the cups!

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1st Places

2nd Places

3rd Places


LOCKE - our viking for the NORDIC GAMES


BACK TO THE ROOTS - Nordic Biker-Games are for every Biker. 

Small presents for every participant - no nominations!



Øksen kaste - Axt Weitwurf - Throw the axe 

Tovtrækning - Tauziehen - Pull the rope

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Registreringen for

Prisuddelingen og Nordiske Spil finder sted på BON-kontoret.


Bemærk: Nordiske Games er uden nomineringer - Gaver er tilgængelige for hver deltager (alle 3 spil)!


Die Anmeldung für

die Siegerehrung & die Nordic Games erfolgen an der BON-Kasse.


Hinweis: Die Nordic Games erfolgen ohne Nominierungen - Präsente gibt es für jeden Teilnehmer (alle 3 Spiele)!


The registration for

the award ceremony and the Nordic Games will take place at the BON-box office.


Note: The Nordic Games are without nominations - presents are available for each participant (all 3 games)!

The viking rally, the free motorcycle meeting between the seas!